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Cities go to extremes with coronavirus quarantine crackdowns: Checkpoints, power shutoffs, steep fines – With the daily number of coronavirus cases in the United States still hovering at about 50,000 and American deaths from the disease approaching 160,000, cities across the country are taking increasingly severe measures to force the curve of the outbreak downward — including power shutoffs, fines and more.

In perhaps the most striking example of a city’s coronavirus response, Los Angeles sent police to a large house party in the Beverly Crest neighborhood after complaints from neighbors about the number of people there. CBSLA sent a news chopper — the kind normally used to document high-speed car chases — to relay video of the party from above. Police cited and impounded some of the cars in the area, CBSLA reported, but determined there were no noise violations and left. There was later a shooting at the party, which prompted even more scrutiny of the incident. – READ MORE

Los Angeles to shut off utilities to homes and businesses that host unauthorized large gatherings – Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (D) announced Wednesday night that by the end of the week, the city will start cutting off water and electric services to homes and businesses caught holding unauthorized large gatherings in violation of COVID-19 restrictions.

So, he has authorized the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to cut services to anyone busted allowing people to assemble in “large” gatherings without permission, starting Friday night. – READ MORE

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio announces $10,000 fines for travelers flouting COVID quarantine mandates – People traveling from one of the several dozen states deemed high risk for COVID-19 could face a $10,000 fine at checkpoints that have been set up at entry points into the city, according to New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio.

The announcement comes on Wednesday for travelers from the 35 high-risk infection areas. Those wishing to enter the city must quarantine for a fortnight and those flying into New York airports are required to fill out a special travel form or face a smaller, but still significant, fine of $2,000. – READ MORE

Michigan, Nevada Declare ‘Racism’ A ‘Public Health Crisis.’ Another State Expected To Do So Soon. – Michigan and Nevada both declared that “racism” was a “public health crisis” on Wednesday, joining Wisconsin, with Colorado set to soon become the fourth state to do so.

Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer created a Black Leadership Advisory Council to “elevate Black voices” and reportedly push state employees to undergo implicit bias training. – READ MORE

Cuomo Begs Fleeing New Yorkers To Return From Connecticut, Hamptons After Revealing Top 1% Pay 50% Of State Taxes: “I’ll buy you a drink!” – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been visiting New Yorkers who fled the state during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, begging them to return to the state from Connecticut and other second-home locations after admitting the “one percent” pay a shocking 50% of state taxes.

“Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been begging rich people to return to New York City from their second-home retreats so they can pay taxes to help offset the state’s growing coronavirus-related revenue shortfall,” the New York Post reported Tuesday. – READ MORE

‘Largest Disruption of Education Ever’: U.N. Says Coronavirus Keeps 1 Billion Out of School – The United Nations said this week that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic had triggered the “largest disruption of education ever,” as school closures in more than 160 nations in mid-July are “affecting over 1 billion students.”

“At least 40 million children worldwide have missed out on education in their critical pre-school year, “U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres declared in written remarks prepared for a video briefing on Tuesday. – READ MORE

Las Vegas: Over 223K Mail-In Ballots Bounced as ‘Undeliverable’ in Recent Primary Election – More than 223,000 mail-in ballots sent to registered voters in Clark County, Nevada, were bounced as “undeliverable” in the state’s June primary election, newly released data reveals.

According to data collected by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) from the Clark County Election Department, a total of 223,469 mail-in ballots sent to registered voters for the June 9 primary election ended up bouncing as “undeliverable” — 17 percent of the total 1,325,934 mail-in ballots that were sent out in the county. – READ MORE

Over 80,000 mail-in ballots disqualified in NYC primary mess – The mail-in ballots of more than 84,000 New York City Democrats who sought to vote in the presidential primary were disqualified, according to new figures released by the Board of Elections.

The city BOE received 403,103 mail-in ballots for the June 23 Democratic presidential primary. – READ MORE

Your Phone Is Spying On You: Companies Are Generating Secret “Surveillance Scores” Based On That Data – Nothing that you do on your phone is private. In this day and age, most of us have become extremely dependent on our phones, and most Americans never even realize that these extremely sophisticated little devices are gathering mountains of information on each one of us.

Your phone knows what you look like, it knows the sound of your voice, it knows where you have been, it knows where you have shopped, it knows your Internet searches and it knows what you like to do in your free time. In fact, your phone literally knows thousands of things about you, and all of that information is bought and sold every single day without you knowing. – READ MORE

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