WATCH: Reporter Confronts FBI Liar Andrew McCabe on FISA Abuses, Then Gets Tossed (Video)


New York Univesity Law School invited disgraced and fired FBI liar Andrew McCabe to talk about how to reform future FISA abuses on Thursday.

Ironically, McCabe’s FBI and tainted leadership were responsible for lying to the FISA court dozens of times to get bogus warrants.

“This would be akin to inviting Bill Clinton to give a speech to rape victims,” said True Pundit’s Thomas Paine.

Of course no one is ever allowed to ask legitimate questions at such liberal-contrived and controlled public events. (See previous story here when McCabe was on the run from questions). That didn’t stop Jason Goodman, CrowdSource the Truth founder, from getting in McCabe’s face regardless. This isn’t the first time McCabe has cowered to reporters.

McCabe was flanked on the panel by at least one more Justice Department flunky.

As Goodman was getting tossed out of the event, McCabe responded as expected, like all cowards do. Goodman said McCabe eventually snuck out of the venue to avoid questions.

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