FBI’s “Gutless Coward” McCabe Sneaks In & Out of Hotel Like a Federal Fugitive


Whether disgraced FBI boss and busted liar Andrew McCabe is indicted or not, he was acting the part of a federal fugitive on Saturday at a hotel in Lancaster, Pa.

McCabe was in the rural town for a speech at the Marriott to a group of mostly geriatric Democrats who forked over $100 to listen to the disgraced Fed slam President Trump. McCabe also signed copies of his book that slammed Trump.

The event looked more like a church Bingo night than a political speech.

But McCabe hid from the press throughout the day and used hotel security to protect media from questioning him. No one was allowed to record his speech either.

Secret squirrel stuff, just like in the cartoons.

“He literally was hiding like a fugitive and it reminded me of the times I rode with warrant squads looking for fugitives,” said True Pundit’s Thomas Paine who was in Lancaster to interview McCabe. “He acted just like he has been described by many FBI agents: a gutless coward.”

The buzz at the event was that McCabe was being paid $75,000 for his speech. Event organizers, who barred Paine and CrowdSource the Truth from the event, would not confirm the amount McCabe was paid.

The chairwoman of the Lancaster Democratic County Committee who arranged the event is no stranger to controversy, having served in public office on a school board that is the target of multiple Pennsylvania Attorney General investigations, including barring the public from open public meetings and withholding public documents.

More troubling, Joann Hentz who heads the Lancaster Democratic County Committee, shares an equal hatred with McCabe for President Trump.

It’s little wonder she arranged to line McCabe’s pockets.

Hentz on her social media account referred to Trump as Satan and said anyone who wears a red ‘Make America Great Again’ hat are spawns of Satan, according to Hentz who is a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter. Hentz’s social media postings are beyond disturbing and her disdain for Trump is troubling, especially for someone in a party leadership role. Hentz also blamed public mass shootings on Trump.

Hentz also posted explicit instructions on how illegal aliens can dodge and frustrate federal ICE agents who may show up at thier homes.

Hentz refused to be interviewed at the event.

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