DOJ: Durham Investigating FBI Scheme to Purchase, Manufacture Fabricated Evidence to Secure Trump Warrants


Finally, the Justice Department is investigating an FBI scheme to purchase and/or manufacture fake evidence to use to trick federal judges into approving surveillance warrants againt Donald Trump and his campaign insiders.

DOJ sources said the scheme — spelled out in a Sept. 2017 True Pundit article — is now a focus of U.S. Attorney John Durham’s criminal probe of the FBI.


Here is the original article.

Inspector General Micahel Horowitz omitted this key scandal from his recent report of the IG’s investigation, for unknown reasons.

No such luck for the crooked FBI leaders and rank-and-file sycophants who cooked up a scheme to hire Christopher Steele and then use his concocted information to obtain bogus warrants. All on the taxpayer’s dime.

The FBI hired Steele at the same time officials knew he was also being paid by the Democratic National Committee and the Hilary Clinton campain. At the same time, the FBI had two criminal investigations into Hillary Clinton.

“They (the FBI) were funding a guy (Steele) who was being greased by the target of current FBI investigations at the time,” a DOJ source confirmed. “It obviously spills into criminality.”

Note: FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe at the time — who was supervising the Clinton probes — met with Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe who gave McCabe’s wife $1.25 million to run for office in Virginia.

McAuliffe is the consigliere of the Clinton family and at the same time was also the target of an FBI investigation by the bureau’s public corruption unit.

Neither McAuliffe or Clinton were indicted.

Horowitz’s IG report on Monday confirmed the payments from the FBI to Steele — 25 months after the True Pundit exclusive. See that story here.

— Thomas Paine

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