WATCH: Warren boasts about taking HALF of broke college student’s savings for campaign


Socialist Senator Elizabeth Warren thinks a college education should be “free” for everyone in America, because student loan debt is crushing college graduates.

It’s such an important issue, in fact, that the former Harvard professor is willing to let those struggling college students starve to fund her 2020 presidential campaign.

Warren took to Twitter Tuesday to brag about her campaign collecting half of a college student’s net worth to promote the “free” college scheme, despite virtually zero chance she’ll eventually become the party’s nominee to take on Trump this fall.

“A Young girl came up to me tonight and said, ‘I’m a broke college student with a lot of student loan debt. I checked and I have $6 in the bank – so I just gave $3 to keep you in this fight,’” Warren wrote. “We’re staying in this fight for the people who are counting on us.” – READ MORE

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