WATCH: TV Stations OK Democrat Candidate’s Horribly Explicit Anti-NRA Ad


A Democrat candidate for Congress has decided to smear gun owners with vulgar language — and incredibly, the federal government is essentially forcing TV stations to air it.

According to KRQE News in New Mexico, Pat Davis has decided that he’s embracing full-on controversy in his bid to win the upcoming primary, and doesn’t seem to care how many people he insults in the process.

A 15-second campaign ad submitted by Davis, who is running for U.S. Congress in the 1st Congressional District, begins with crass swearing. “F*** the NRA,” he forcefully declares in the video.

“Their pro-gun policies have resulted in dead children, dead mothers and dead fathers,” the Democrat continues in his ad. “I’m Pat Davis and I approve this message because if Congress won’t change our gun laws, we need to change Congress.” – READ MORE

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