Australia Hit with Largest Mass Shooting Since 1996 Gun Confiscation


Australia is often cited by gun control advocates in America as an example of the sort of gun violence-free utopia they imagine our nation could become, if only we got rid of all of the guns.

They point to the restrictive gun control laws enacted in 1996 following a mass shooting in Port Arthur, Tasmania, when a gunman murdered 35 people and injured countless more.

Those gun control laws — which included confiscatory gun buybacks — banned the possession of most semi-automatic rifles and even pump-action shotguns, though some could still be possessed under certain circumstances and tight regulations and with explicit permission from the government.

The gun grabbers have often bragged that there haven’t been any mass shootings in Australia since those restrictive laws were put in place. That all changed on Friday after a suspected mass murder-suicide took place in the rural area of Osmington in the southwest corner of Western Australia that left seven people dead.

Australia’s 9NEWS reported that three adults and four children were found shot to death at a home early Friday morning. Police declined to confirm the identities of the victims, but they are believed to be the residents of the property.

Police found two firearms at the scene and are not currently searching for any suspects. They did however reveal that they had received a call earlier in the morning from a man “connected to the property” prior to the shooting, but declined to offer further details. – READ MORE

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