WATCH: Rosie O’Donnell Turns MSNBC Interview Into Utter Trainwreck

In the Monday interview on “The Beat,” O’Donnell said that Trump wasn’t “a legitimate president” and that Russia “actually gave him the election,” called him “a horrible, horrible human with no soul” and, in a Olympian feat of projection, said that he had “a very serious mental disorder” and was not “mentally stable enough to run this country.”

“When I watched the Helsinki summit and I, too, watched our president abandon our nation and be totally the betrayer that he is, I was horrified,” O’Donnell told host Ari Melber, according to Breitbart.

“He should not be president. I don’t believe he’s a legitimate president. I believe if it weren’t for Russia, he never would have won. And the reason he’s not so panicked about Russia, he knows they will try again to do exactly what they did in 2016. Although the mainstream media won’t say it yet, they actually gave him the election. I believe that firmly, and I think a lot of people do.

“I think the mainstream media is slowly coming around to where the people actually are,” she continued. “It took you a long time to call him a liar, and the man has been lying a long time since in office.” – READ MORE


Monday evening, as part of the “Kremlin Annex” protests, comedian, Rosie O’Donnell, lead a group of Broadway performers in a singing protest outside of the White House.

The group came down from New York City to sing songs, such as “Climb Every Mountain” and “A Brand New Day,” to show their disapproval of President Donald Trump and to give protesters a show.

While the protesters heard their performance, Trump did not, as he was at his golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey. – READ MORE

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