WATCH: Piers Morgan calls out fellow liberals who’ve ‘become utterly, pathetically illiberal’ and have embraced a ‘version of fascism’


You might remember a number of years ago when conservative commentator Ben Shapiro challenged then-CNN host Piers Morgan on gun control — which appeared to get the older Brit hot under the collar.

“How dare you?” Morgan intoned as Shapiro accused him of “standing on the graves” of Sandy Hook Elementary mass killing victims.

Well, it appears time has healed things up because Morgan actually appeared on Shapiro’s Sunday sit-down interview over the weekend — and in one stunning segment Morgan had a number of unflattering things to say about his fellow liberals.

“Populism is rising because liberals have become unbearable — and I speak as a liberal, OK?” Morgan said, adding that “liberals have become utterly, pathetically illiberal, and it’s a massive problem. What’s the point of calling yourself a liberal if you don’t allow anyone else to have a different view?”

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