WATCH: MSNBC Contributor Snaps, Starts Shouting At Pro-Gun Congressman


MSNBC contributor and recurring Morning Joe guest Donny Deutsch exemplifies the worst characteristics of the pro-gun control left: uninformed, emotionally driven, and angry. On Friday, Deutsch’s irrationality was on full display when he lost his temper and started yelling at pro-Second Amendment Congressman Steve Stivers during a debate on firearm legislation.

The Congressman’s appearance went smoothly at first. He agreed with host Joe Scarborough and the other panelists that President Trump’s new tariff proposal was economically unsound, and he cogently defended his party’s chances in the 2018 midterms. As the subject shifted to gun control, however, Scarborough and Deutsch leaned in and began grilling Stivers.

“Are you a dad? You have kids?” Deutsch asked. “I have a five-year old and an eight-year old,” the Congressman confirmed – READ MORE

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