WATCH: Morning Joe Compares I.C.E to the Fugitive Slave Act


In yet another unbelievable display of liberal media bias, Morning Joe guest and Princeton Professor Eddie Glaude took to comparing Immigration and Customs Enforcement to the Fugitive Slave Act on Monday morning.

Glaude’s line of questioning was in line with the modern left, for which the abolishment of I.C.E. has been a goal and has even been demanded from both members of the House and Senate Democrats.

While polling has consistently indicated a strong majority of the American public believe that enforcing immigration law and defending our borders is common sense, it apparently isn’t so common on MSNBC.- READ MORE

The city of Portland quickly turned into a cesspool after the mayor, Ted Wheeler, prevented the police from interacting with a massive protest and occupation of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) property.

ICE officials repeatedly asked Wheeler for police protection during the massive protests that lasted over one month. Wheeler refused the requests, seemingly siding with the protesters and saying he didn’t want his police force “sucked into a conflict.”

“If are looking for a bailout from this mayor, they are looking in the wrong place,” said Wheeler:

The men and women of ICE were not thrilled with this development from the mayor. According to a letter sent from ICE to the mayor, the officials are looking at a potential lawsuit for breaching the 14th Amendment. – READ MORE

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