WATCH: Journo Who Exposed ‘Needle-Plunge’ Vaccine Lunacy Drops Another Bomb on Dershowitz: He’s Dodging Jeffrey Epstein Questions — “Dershowitz Is a Liar, a Coward, a Social Engineer”


Legal-scholar-turned-TV-lawyer Alan Dershowitz is dodging questions about his multiple social hangouts with world-renown pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, according to the journalist who recently exposed the lawyer’s bizarre declaration that the government is allowed to ‘plunge a needle into your neck’ to force COVID-19 vaccines on Americans.

What exactly was Derhowitz’s relationship with Epstein? The lawyer helped score the pedophile a sweetheart legal deal to avoid serious prison time for trafficking young girls and repeatedly soliciting sex from minors. But journalist Jason Goodman from CrowdSource the Truth is pressing the legal professor’s social relationship with Epstein.

This could get interesting.

Goodman said the media’s focus on Dershowitz’s vaccine statements is providing cover for his unanswered questions about his relationship with Epstein. Watch below.

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