WATCH: Jake Tapper Wonders if Trump Gets Enough Credit for the Economy That’s ‘Doing Astoundingly Well’


President Donald Trump has overseen record-breaking economic achievements, which has CNN’s Jake Tapper wondering if the president is receiving his due credit for it.

Under the Trump administration, unemployment hit a nearly 50-year low, dropping to 3.6 percent and adding 263,000 new jobs in April.

Additionally, the economy saw growth of 3.2 percent in the first quarter of the year — beating out expectations by Dow Jones.

“Does the president get enough credit for the economy?” Tapper asked on CNN on Friday. “It really is doing astoundingly well.”

“The economy is, by far, his best case for reelection, and if he’s not getting the sufficient credit for the economy, it’s a lot of it because he steps on his own message,” Washington Post reporter Seung Min Kim said. – READ MORE

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