WATCH GOP Senator Corker’s Bad High School Principal Rant; Warns Media Leaks Better Cease … Or Else (Video)


U.S. Sen. Bob Corker sounded like an unglued high school principal dropping a dose of tough love on the heads of Big Media at a presser, telling reporters their sources should be fired and kicked out of the beltway for leaking administration secrets.

Or perhaps his performance was more fitted for a substitute teacher. Corker, a GOP senator from Tennessee, said he had similar conversations with President Trump recently and echoed the sentiments:

It’s time to get tough on MSM leaks … or someone is going to face detention after school.

Corker did not comment, however, on why he allowed the multi-billion-dollar Iran deal to proceed without a fight during the final weeks of President Barack Obama’s tenure in office nor did he propose introducing legislation to curb the problem of illicit leaks in DC.

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