EXCLUSIVE: FBI Leaked Classified Flight Plan of AG Loretta Lynch to Set Up Bill Clinton’s Tarmac Ambush


FBI agents are pointing their collective finger at Bureau brass for leaking sensitive intelligence to Bill Clinton to set up and stalk former Attorney General Loretta Lynch on a Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport tarmac in June 2016.

Lynch was taken aback and reportedly physically shaken by Clinton’s seemingly impromptu June 27, 2016 visit just one week before a scheduled FBI interrogation of his wife Hillary Clinton. While the meeting between President Clinton and Lynch is now widely known, questions about how Clinton knew exactly where and when the Attorney General would be have been grossly overlooked by the media.

Until now.

The question is who in the FBI breached and leaked the classified information to the Clintons? Was it fired former director James Comey? Deputy Director Andew McCabe? Or FBI General Counsel James Baker who is believed to be under investigation for leaks. McCabe’s wife received almost $700,000 to run for office in Virginia from Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a well known Clinton family consigliere who is also under FBI investigation. McCabe is currently the target of departmental inquiries for misconduct linked to Hillary Clinton as well.

The troubling revelations the FBI leaked the classified flight plan of Lynch serves as a double blow for the embattled Bureau, especially since an elite unit of the FBI is tasked with the security detail of the Attorney General. Therefore, senior FBI officials are privy to the Attorney General’s travel itinerary at all times. The Attorney General flies on a chartered, unmarked jet. Very few in the Bureau have access to the Attorney General’s classified flight plans, sources confirmed. While the Secret Service was on board Clinton’s chartered jet in June protecting the former president, Lynch’s security detail was elite FBI agents trained in executive protection. The same unit also protects and travels with the FBI director. FBI sources said Clinton’s Secret Service detail knew the exact tail number of Lynch’s private jet, another tell-tale sign of a high-placed breach in the FBI.

The official Clinton-generated narrative to date has been that Bill’s charted jet just happened to be on the same tarmac in Phoenix AZ when Lynch’s jet was landing. But federal law enforcement sources now say that Clinton was in Phoenix to stalk Lynch. Clinton claimed he was in Phoenix on a scheduled stop to meet with Latino leaders to stump for his wife who was a Democratic presidential candidate and FBI target at the time. But federal law enforcement sources said they believed Bill Clinton’s jet was chartered from Teterboro Airport in northern New Jersey the morning of the infamous tarmac sit down. That information clearly contradicts all the varying narratives offered by the Clintons to date.

Lynch’s original travel plans had also been scrubbed, federal law enforcement sources said. She was first scheduled to arrive in Phoenix the morning of July 28 to give a speech but those plans were changed to arrive in the evening of July 27th instead. So, how did Clinton know about the schedule change or did the FBI brass also change the schedule to accommodate the Clinton campaign and literally send Lynch into an ambush?

The encounter happened a week before Hillary Clinton was interviewed by FBI agents for her roles in losing classified emails, sending classified emails over non-government computer networks among other security breaches.

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