WATCH: GOP Sen. Kennedy On Democrats Blocking Stimulus Package: ‘Some Of My Colleagues Are Acting Like A-Holes’


On Monday, Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) excoriated Senate Democrats for blocking the coronavirus stimulus bill in the Senate on Sunday and instead submitting their own version stuffed with all sorts of items on their leftist agenda, saying on Fox News, “Some of my colleagues, they’re acting like A-holes.”

The Daily Wire reported on Sunday, “The fate of a sweeping government rescue package to prop up an economy devastated by the coronavirus pandemic was in limbo on Sunday after Democrats blocked action in the Senate,” The New York Times reported. “The 47-47 vote was a stunning setback for a package that was emerging as the largest economic stimulus measure in modern American history – now expected to cost $1.8 trillion or more.”

The bill the Democrats submitted included, as Townhall’s Guy Benson reported Monday, “unprecedented collective bargaining powers for unions,” “increased fuel emissions standards for airlines,” and “expansion of wind and solar tax credits.” The bill also planned to bail out the U.S. Post Office. – READ MORE

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