WATCH: CNN Pres. Calls Fox News ‘State-Run TV,’ Tucker Puts Him in His Place With a Bombshell


The head of one of the most liberal-leaning news networks on television just made a fool out of himself… and Tucker Carlson immediately put him in his place.

On Thursday, the president of CNN tried to attack rival Fox News by suggesting that it was somehow controlled by the government — but he forgot about the shady dealings his own network practices.

“(Fox News) is really state-run TV,” declared Jeff Zucker, one of the top bosses at CNN. “It is a pure propaganda machine and I think does incredible disservice to this country.”

It’s not rare for competitors to jab at each other, but the CNN president’s blatant accusation that Fox was “state-run TV” sent Tucker Carlson over the edge. The Daily Caller founder and Fox commentator tore into Zucker, and reminded viewers of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” what state-run media actually looks like. – READ MORE

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