Watch a Pickup Driver Dispense Street Justice to a Rioter’s Bike (VIDEO)


The following apparently happened in Portland. Or Seattle. Does it matter? Both cities are led by antifa mayors and city councils, which has led to their streets becoming war zones for about two months. Leadership matters, and neither city has any in its elected positions.

As the video below opens, the rioters are shining industrial lasers at drivers’ eyes as they converge on the truck. The use of lasers can blind the drivers, and it constitutes assault. Portland rioters, perhaps the very same ones in this video, have at least temporarily blinded several federal officers who were protecting the federal courthouse, which the rioters repeatedly attacked and attempted to burn down.

Shining lasers in people’s eyes is also cowardly, but these are commie rats. Being cowards is their thing. – READ MORE

Listen to the insightful Thomas Paine Podcast Below --

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