Washington Post Turns Terrorist Sympathizer After Hiring Man Arrested for Al Qaeda Ties


The Washington Post, a virulently liberal news publisher known for sharing stories supportive of illegal immigrants, allowed a convicted Islamic terrorist by the name of Ismail Royer to pen a column to its readers earlier this month that took evangelicals to task for their “prejudice” against Muslims such as himself.

Formerly a communications specialist for the terror-affiliated Council on American-Islamic Relations, Royer was indicted in June 2003 on charges related to his active participation in the Kashmiri Insurgency, an ongoing dispute between Kashmiri jihadists and the Indian government, according to journalist Steven Emerson’s Investigative Project on Terrorism.

The project adds that his crimes included “purchas(ing) an AK-47 assault rifle and 219 rounds of ammunition, distribut(ing) newsletters for a group later designated as a foreign terrorist organization, and fir(ing) at Indian targets in Kashmir.”

He served 13 years in federal prison for these “terrorism-related charges,” as The Washington Post honestly pointed out in a short bio at the end of Royer’s piece.

The Post also claimed he’s since “worked in the nonprofit sector developing strategies to promote religious liberty and undermine extremist ideology.” – READ MORE

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