VIDEO: Imran Awan’s Attorney’s Epic Meltdown: Slams Trump, Offers to Sell Case Evidence to Reporter for Cash, Calls Marine a Criminal


Imran Awan’s attorney Chris Gowen is not the brightest bulb in the shed.

The attorney snapped Thursday, unleashed an epic meltdown that could jeopardize his client’s scheduled plea hearing on July 3.

Unglued is not a strong enough word to describe Gowen’s rant, triggered by Crowdsource the Truth editor Jason Goodman who recorded the phone call.

Gowen likely crossed the legal line, offering to sell Goodman evidence in the Awan case for $1,000. That offer came after Goodman declined to wager the same fee against Gowen to which Goodman responded asking the lawyer in the high-profile Awan case if he was a bookie.

Gowen, who previously worked for Bill Clinton, continued to spiral out of control:

“You all think Donald Trump is the hero,” he blurted out. “We’ll show you what Trump (inaudible).”

Gowen accused former U.S. Marine Andre Taggart — who notified the FBI after finding a box of Congressional Blackberry phones linked to Imran Awan — of being a criminal.

“I was totally shocked that a lawyer would twice try to entrap me in a $1000 interstate wager and try to sell me evidence,” Goodman said. “Is that even legal?”

The entire interview is noteworthy, if for no other reason than to listen to a defense lawyer descend into madness. But factually, Gowen remains quite challenged throughout.

But then again, who needs facts when your client is friends with the Clintons, the judge was appointed by Obama, the prosecutor is the brother of Congresswoman Deborah Wasserman Schultz who hired Awan and is linked to a House hacking scandal, and the crooked FBI investigated the case.

In fact, when a case is this rigged, you don’t even need a competent defense attorney.

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