‘Unplanned’ Is Unstoppable, Is Beating All Expectations Despite Hollywood’s Best Efforts Against It


Twitter tried to censor it into oblivion. Hollywood gave it an R rating to deter viewers. The leftist media even refused to air commercials.

Now they’re clamoring about how it’s an over-exaggeration, all because up until now, they’d never looked abortion in the face prior to “Unplanned.”

The pathetic and elementary prohibitions of free speech couldn’t stop the success of this movie. The big turnout we saw on opening weekend for this film was a reflection of how sick people are of Hollywood trying to bully them into their walk-on-eggshells, politically correct world. Twitter will certainly think twice next time before suspending accounts with pro-life messages, as it did for “Unplanned.”

In case you haven’t heard, Pure Flix’s latest movie, “Unplanned,” released to 1,000 limited theaters on March 29, crushed all expectations and will be in 1,700 this weekend.

Despite the social media propaganda against this film, “Unplanned” performed better than most other movies that opened the same weekend. And it’s already Pure Flix’s second biggest opening, right after “God’s Not Dead,” which grossed $64.7 million overall against a $2 million budget. – READ MORE

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