UH-OH: Southern Poverty Law Center Quietly Broke Up With The Women’s March Over Anti-Semitism


The Southern Poverty Law Center is the latest far-left organization to quietly cut ties with the Women’s March, following revelations — in both Tablet and The New York Times — that senior Women’s March leaders openly expressed anti-Semitic sentiments in early organizational meetings, and affiliated with the anti-Semitic, anti-LGBT, and anti-women’s rights organization, the Nation of Islam.

The Daily Beast reports that SPLC has quietly withdrawn its support for the Women’s March, and the March, in turn, has removed SPLC from its list of co-sponsors. The SPLC was a prominent member of the Women’s March coalition for the first two years of marches.

The SPLC was cagey about the development in their statement to The Daily Beast, telling reporters that “other projects were a priority,” and that they would continue to be involved with local marches, even if they were cutting ties with the national Women’s March.

Just a few short months ago, the SPLC was expressing unqualified support for the March – READ MORE

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