UFO? Bizarre ‘roll cloud’ in Tennessee stuns residents


A funnel-like cloud filled the sky in Tennessee as a thunderstorm in the area came to a halt. Residents were stunned by the mysterious cloud formation, which some compared to a UFO.

Angie Hutton told Fox News on Tuesday that her son, Colby, of Adamsville, snapped a photo of the cloud while traveling over the Harrison-McGarity Bridge in Savannah several weeks ago.

Hutton sent the picture to WMC-TV in Memphis, hoping meteorologists at the news station would be able to identify the rare sight. Last week, WMC-TV confirmed the eerie scene was not a UFO after all — it’s actually a roll cloud.

A roll cloud is a “tube-shaped” cloud that occasionally pops up after a thunderstorm.

“Roll clouds are relatively rare; they are completely detached from the thunderstorm base or other cloud features, thus differentiating them from the more familiar shelf clouds,” the National Weather Service (NWS) explains in a post online. “Roll clouds usually appear to be ‘rolling’ about a horizontal axis, but should not be confused with funnel clouds.”READ MORE

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