U.K. Store Blasted For Selling ‘LGBT’ Sandwich To Honor Pride Month


The U.K. retail outlet Marks and Spencer thought it was getting woke just in time for “Pride” month — but it turned out that it was instead accused of virtue-signaling to social justice warriors.

“In celebration of Pride festivities in the U.K., Marks and Spencer recently began offering its ‘LGBT’ sandwich — a guacamole-inclusive twist on a BLT.” reports Fox News. “But despite praise from some within the LGBTQI+ communities, the item raised more than a few eyebrows on Twitter, with some accusing the retailer of marginalizing the community and culture.”

Even though major companies rake in millions every year by marketing LGBT “Pride month” swag — some of which comes from countries with horrendous policies against that demographic — social justice warriors singled out Marks and Spencer for seeking to profit off of the LGBT movement.

“Shame on the good folks over at @marksandspencer for turning our culture and identity into a sandwich,” one woman wrote on Twitter. “Making an absolute mockery of lgbtq people.” – READ MORE

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