Trump Admin Eliminates Obama Prison Rules that Catered to Transgender Inmates


A new manual from the Bureau of Prisons released Friday rolled back rules that catered to transgendered inmates, according to USA Today.

The rules had been created while former President Barack Obama was on his way out the door at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., posted just two days before he left office.

That manual stated that the Bureau of Prisons should “recommend housing by gender identity when appropriate.”

Under the new rules, the bureau “will use biological sex as the initial determination for designation.”

However, the manual also states that they “will consider the health and safety of the transgender inmate, exploring appropriate options available to assist with mitigating risk to the transgender offender, to include but not limited to cell and/or unit assignments, application of management variables, programming missions of the facility, etc.”

“The (Transgender Executive Council) will consider factors specific to the transgender inmate, such as behavioral history, overall demeanor, and likely interactions with other inmates; and will consider whether placement would threaten the management and security of the institution and/or pose a risk to other inmates in the institution (e.g., considering inmates with histories of trauma, privacy concerns, etc.),” the manual continues. – READ MORE

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