Tom Brokaw Likens Sexual Harassment Accusation to ‘Drive-by Shooting’ in Leaked Email


After a former NBC employee accused Tom Brokaw of sexual harassment this week, the veteran anchor has responded, calling the allegations a “drive-by shooting.” In a thousand-word email sent to select NBC News colleagues and obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Brokaw denied the allegations and defended himself. “I am facing a long list of grievances from a former colleague who left NBC News angry that she had failed in her pursuit of stardom. She has unleashed a torrent of unsubstantiated criticism and attacks on me more than twenty years after I opened the door for her and a new job at Fox news,” Brokaw wrote in the email.

Former NBC reporter Linda Vester told the Washington Post that in 1994, Brokaw allegedly showed up uninvited to her hotel room and tried to kiss her. An anonymous second accuser said Brokaw also allegedly sexually harassed her. In his email, Brokaw recounts his memory of his encounters with Vester, and suggests that she is a “character assassin,” leveling a false accusation that is “much more Look At Me than Me:Too.”

I am not a perfect person. I’ve made mistakes, personally and professionally. But as I write this at dawn on the morning after a drive by shooting by Vester, the Washington Post and Variety, I am stunned by the free ride given a woman with a grudge against NBC News, no distinctive credentials or issue passions while at FOX. READ MORE

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