The “Second Amendment Preservation Act”: Missouri Passes Bill To Nullify Federal Gun Laws


A Missouri bill intended to nullify federal gun laws recently passed in the state’s House of Representatives.

The Senate voted 23-8 to send the bill back to the House, where it passed earlier. The House can either accept the Senate’s changes or negotiate a compromise version. Senators voted for the bill along party lines with Republicans in support and Democrats in opposition. It would declare “null and void” any past, present or future federal law deemed to be an infringement on gun rights for law-abiding citizens.

Federal agents who knowingly enforce those laws could face civil penalties stemming from lawsuits filed by Missouri residents who think their gun rights were infringed. Those workers would also be banned from future careers in state or local enforcement.

“We want to cause a reason for law enforcement to have a healthy pause before they might infringe on the Second Amendment rights of Missouri citizens,” said Sen. Brian Nieves, R-Washington.

Other states, such as Wyoming, South Dakota, Arizona, Tennessee, Kansas, and Alaska already have some version of federal gun law nullification on the books.

Some of these laws prevent state law enforcement from enforcing federal gun laws, while others attempt to prevent federal agencies from enforcing federal gun laws in the state. In 2011, Utah started the trend of states enacting laws which formally recognize gold and silver coins as legal tender.READ MORE

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