ALL TALK: Former President Obama says he’d join the Spurs if he were an NBA free agent


The guy who can’t hit a 12-foot jump shot thinks he has a chance to go pro.

Keep dreaming.

Michelle could out-rebound you in the paint. Stick to dribbling illegal FISA warrants.

While many Spurs fans are hoping to land superstar LeBron James in the offseason, former President Barack Obama says he’d choose San Antonio if he were an NBA free agent.

Obama was invited to this year’s MIT’s Sloan Sports Analytics Conference for an off-the-record session in front of hundreds of people.And despite policy stating that photography, video recording, streaming, and social media posting would not be permitted during Obama’s panel, Spurs fans will be happy to know the full audio recording was leaked by the Libertarian magazine Reason.

The audio recording gives an understanding into the basketball mind of the 44th president of the United States.

Sitting next to Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey, Obama was asked a hypothetical question by one of the sports conference’s interviewers.

“You’re an NBA All-Star. You’re a free agent this offseason. Every team is offering you the max contract. Which teams would you choose to meet with in free agency and why?”


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