Taliban Murders Top Political Candidate Just Days Before Election


A Pakistani candidate running on the same party as prospective prime minister Imran Khan, who campaigned for the Pakistan Justice Movement, was killed by a Pakistani Taliban suicide bomber on Sunday.

Ikramullah Gandapur death comes days before the country’s general elections on Wednesday, where he was running for a seat in the provincial assembly.

Gandapur was leaving a campaign meeting in the city of Dera Ismail Khan when 22 pounds of explosives targeting his vehicle were detonated, injuring two police officers who were with the candidate and his driver, law enforcement officials told Reuters.

Gandapur’s security detail was increased to include 11 more policemen after he received death threats, but the police were not aware of his campaign meeting on Sunday, police official Zahoor Afridi told Reuters on Sunday.

In a separate attack on Sunday, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Akram Khan Durrani’s convoy was attacked in Bannu, but no one was hurt, according to ABC News. – READ MORE


After the SAS fighters had destroyed a Taliban base, six Taliban fighters escaped into an underground cave complex in northern Afghanistan; one of the fighters was a “high-value target.” The series of tunnels were perfect for claustrophobia; less than two feet wide, four feet high, and almost completely dark. Then the 29-year-old sergeant, a veteran who had fought in Iraq, took it upon himself to pursue the Taliban fighters.

A source told The Daily StarThe mission had only been partially successful because the base was destroyed, but the SAS were after a “high-value target” and he had escaped into the tunnels. It was pretty clear none of the Afghan commandos was going to go in after him so he volunteered. There wasn’t enough room to use a long-barreled weapon so the Brit used his Glock 9mm pistol and grabbed a claw hammer. He couldn’t see the Taliban but he could hear and smell them. He shot three of them dead one after the other but then his pistol jammed. He fought two more in the dark where the tunnel opened into a larger room that was partially lit by a candle. After he killed those two, he was attacked by another but killed him almost instantly with a single blow.READ MORE

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