Take That, Hollywood: Georgia Governor Kemp’s Popularity Surges As Fetal Heartbeat Bill Progresses


According to a new poll from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the favorability numbers for Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp have been surging, of late. Perhaps most interestingly, as The Journal-Constitution also highlights, is that Kemp’s polling surge has coincided with Georgia’s legislative advancement of a fetal heartbeat protection pro-life bill that large swaths of the cultural and political Lefthave fearmongered as retrograde and abhorrent.

Per The Journal-Constitution:

Gov. Brian Kemp’s approval ratings are on the upswing after a legislative session dominated by his embrace of an anti-abortion measure, an Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll shows. …

The poll shows 46% of registered Georgia voters have a favorable impression of Kemp as he nears his third month as governor, 9 points higher than the 37% rating he tallied in the AJC’s January poll as he was sworn into office.

He’s outpacing Trump, who was the model for Kemp’s campaign. About 40% of Georgia voters approve of the president, statistically unchanged from 38% in January. Nearly 56% of Georgians disapprove of Trump, compared with Kemp’s 39% disapproval rating.

Kemp’s polling surge flies in the face of a coordinated Hollywood effort to shame and boycott Georgia due to its advancement of the pro-life legislation. – READ MORE

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