Spike Lee Lashes Out at Trump: ‘Agent Orange’ is ‘On the Wrong Side of History’


Hollywood Director Spike Lee Slammed President Donald Trump For Being “on The Wrong Side Of History” And Lashed Out At Rapper Kanye West For His Comments On Slavery.

During an interview with the Hollywood Reporter about his upcoming crime drama, BlacKkKlansman, the Do the Right Thing director criticized President Trump for “dog whistle stuff” that has given white supremacists the opportunity to come out strong for their hateful beliefs.

“They get the signal. That’s what happened in Charlottesville,” Lee said of the white nationalist groups that descended upon the Virginia college town in August of 2017.

Calling Trump “Agent Orange,” Lee said that the president’s comments after the riots in Charlottesville will be his epitaph.

“Agent Orange refused to repudiate the Klan, the alt-right and the Nazis. ‘There’s good people on both sides.’ That’s going to be on his gravestone,” Lee said. “He’s on the wrong side of history.” – READ MORE

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