Eighty-Eight Percent of Harvard Faculty Say Trump Has Done a ‘Very Poor’ Job as President


A New Survey Of Harvard University Professors Indicates That 88 Percent Of Faculty Believe That Donald Trump Has Done A “very Poor Job” In His First Year And A Quarter As President While Another Eight Percent Say He Is Doing A “poor Job.”

The poll, which canvassed over 1,000 professors of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS), found that only one percent of faculty believes that Trump is doing a “good job” in office, while an additional two percent think he is doing an “okay job.”

Unsurprisingly, faculty evaluations of the Trump presidency mirror almost perfectly the group’s political leanings and ballot choices in the 2016 elections. More than 80 percent (83.1) describe themselves as “liberal” or “very liberal” while a mere 1.36 percent self-identify as “conservative.” – READ MORE

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