South Dakota’s Governor Noem: ‘Our Kids Are Going Back To School On Time’ (VIDEO)


On Wednesday, South Dakota GOP Governor Kristi Noem, who has shown time and again she is utterly unintimidated by political correctness, appeared on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends,” where she stated that South Dakota’s children would “definitely be in the classroom” for the school year, adding, “Our kids need to be in school.”

Noem stated bluntly, “Well, the science is clear. Our kids need to be in school. It’s better for them; we’ve got a lot of kids that haven’t checked in since this virus hit. It’s really our most vulnerable population that needs to be back in those classrooms.”

Host Ainsley Earhardt asked, “Many of us are trying to plan the rest of our lives, and we are all just on hold right now, waiting to see just where we’re supposed to be, if we should move, if we should stay, if our kids are going back to school. When will governors, when will you all make decisions? I’m sure – each governor’s going to have their own timeline, but when are you going to definite?”

Noem replied, “Well, for us, our kids are going back to school on time.” – READ MORE

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