Michigan B&B Owners Forced to Take Down Norwegian Flag That Looks Like (?) Confederate Flag


Greg and Kjersten Offenbecker are proud owners of The Nordic Pineapple B&B, a small inn in St. Johns, Michigan. The Offenbeckers are also proud of their Norwegian heritage and made a point of flying the Norwegian flag in front of their establishment.

Unfortunately for them, some local residents thought the Norwegian flag looked like the Stars and Bars — the famous/infamous Confederate battle flag. Or, at least, those in the mob who are color blind and were dropped on their heads as babies thought that.

Daily Caller: We hang the Norwegian flag because I am a 4th generation Norwegian-American,” Kjersten told the Daily Caller. “I am very proud of that heritage and wanted to share a piece of it with the people who come to visit our bed and breakfast.”

“The Norwegians are a peaceful people who love family and that is what our inn really is all about,” she said. “We just want people to come stay with us and experience a wonderful getaway.” – READ MORE

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