SJWs Storm College Library To Silence Conservative ‘Hate Speech’


Around 20 crazed SJWs are attempting to stifle free speech at Columbia University by silencing conservative speakers in the name of preventing “hate speech.”

According to Campus Reform, the SJWs from a group called the Liberation Coalition stormed the “Columbia University library Wednesday to protest the College Republicans for bringing conservative speakers to campus.” The move was in response to the Columbia University College Republicans (CUCR) previously hosting speakers like Dennis Prager, Ann Coulter, and Mike Scaramucci.

Footage filmed by The Columbia Spectator shows the group occupying the library staircase while holding signs proclaiming “Decolonize Columbia” and “Divest from White Supremacy Now.”

“Dear students, what is anti-Black racism?” yells one student. “Can any student in this room right now tell me what anti-Black racism is? Ivy League! Ivy League! How does anti-Black racism play a role in what’s happening now?” – READ MORE

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