Seismologist Warns “People Ought To Be Concerned” About SoCal Quake Swarm


A seismologist working on researching the recent earthquakes in Southern California said they have taken an unexpected turn, and that’s a reason to worry.  Caltech seismologist Egill Hauksson says residents should be alert and on their toes.

“People ought to be concerned,” said Hauksson of the earthquake swarm near the city of Fontana, California.

“This is probably the most prolific swarm in that area of the Fontana seismic zone that we’ve seen in the past three decades.”

This swarm of earthquakes has shown remarkable staying power in the area around the Southern California city, according to the LA Times.

The likelihood of a larger seismic event, given how many quakes that have occurred over such an extended period, is higher than normal, Hauksson said. The tremors could turn into a large and destructive quake, although the chances of that aren’t exactly sky high. For all intents and purposes, Hauksson has been rather vague on whether this will be a sizeable and destructive event. – READ MORE

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