Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Grace-Filled Response To Nasty Correspondents’ Dinner Attack


Sanders looked visibly upset at the time of the remarks but said nothing. She has yet to put out a public statement regarding Wolf’s comments, but a reporter from The Daily Caller, Benny Johnson, recalled Sanders’ reaction to the event on his Facebook page.

“I was in the room last night when that wretched, leftist ‘comedian’ began attacking Sarah Sanders to her face. It was disgusting. You could not really see it on TV, but virtually no one in the room was laughing. I saw even some of the most liberal reporters in the profession cringe with disgust,” started Johnson, accurately noting that the Left would lose their collective mind if a conservative doled out such an attack on a liberal woman.

Sanders, though, said Johnson, “is a better and bigger person than the sad leftists who attack her.”

“That is the kind of woman she is,” Johnson added. “Flying into a city to cheap-shot a working mother to her face in front of a room of one thousand journalists because you disagree with her politically is not brave. It’s the definition of a coward and a bully. Putting up with it and forgiving that person afterward? That is real power. That is strength. That is class. That is Sarah Sanders.” – READ MORE

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