RUSH: The Swamp Has Trump Outnumbered — But He’s Still Standing


RUSH: This is Harry next, Valparaiso, Indiana. Welcome, sir.

CALLER: Hey, thank you very much, Rush. Hey, the reason I wanted to call — it’s a very serious question, not facetious at all. And that is, Trump won the election. We voted for him. We control both the House, the Senate. Trump at the head of the Department of Justice. And yet after all of this we look up and Trump’s lawyer’s office is getting raided. Not the Clinton Foundation. Not Perkins Coie. And I don’t understand that. Is there a reason that can be easily explained?

And I know about the swamp and so forth. But I think if Perkins Coie got raided tomorrow based on what Trump ordered Sessions to do or whatever, this stuff would come to a grinding halt immediately. They would stop. And it’s like punching a bully back. I don’t understand why we’re just letting them — I mean, eventually they’re gonna find something. They’re gonna find a tax return from 1982 where Trump took an extra $200,000 that maybe he wasn’t entitled to, and there will be a “a-ha, we found it.” I don’t understand why they don’t just put an end to it by fighting back.

RUSH: Well, you know, you say you know about the swamp and you’ve heard that explanation. And that really is the explanation, as unsatisfactory or unsatisfying as it is. Trump, I don’t know how many are in his close circle that would constitute the real Trump administration and so forth, but I’m telling you, he is vastly outnumbered.

And I’m saying this independent of Jeff Sessions. Jeff Sessions is a wonderful guy. He is a tremendous patriot. But he is not — my term for it is he’s not a warrior attorney general. He is someone who has a profound respect for the law and sees the job of attorney general, administering it, managing it on a federal level but not using it as an attack agency or even as a defense agency.

There aren’t a whole lot of Republicans themselves who are used to going on attack. Republicans’ lives have been spent on defense their entire lives. The Democrats and the left literally do run that town. And that’s why I’ve always said it’s gonna take more than one election, way more than one election to actually stop the direction that we’re headed in and turn it back and reverse it.

I’m like you. Your question is utterly dripping with common sense. We won the election. It was a duly constituted and fair election. We won the presidency. We have the House of Representatives and the Senate. Therefore Trump’s people theoretically staff the president’s cabinet and the American bureaucracy. And by all rights, all of the criminality engaged in by the Clintons and by the Democrats ought to be under investigation.

It defies common sense. Trump wins and he’s under investigation? And now we learn on an entirely bogus premise, and nobody can end it. And, meanwhile, the collusion and the actual rigging of elections is now widely known and accepted to have been all on the Democrat side.


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