Report: Obama Considered Trump’s Election a Personal Insult


President Barack Obama considered Donald Trump’s election a personal insult by voters seeking to destroy his legacy by electing a “buffoonish racist,” according to a book excerpt.

Excerpts of the New York Times writer Peter Baker’s “Obama: The Call of History” published by the Daily Mail allege that Obama was overcome with anger when Hillary Clinton lost her 2016 bid for the White House.

Obama also reportedly called Clinton’s effort a “scripted, soulless” campaign.

“Obama may not have been on the ballot, but it was hard not to see the vote as a ‘personal insult,’ as he had called it on the campaign trail,” Baker wrote in his newest update.

Baker added that Obama sighed, “This stings, this hurts” after Trump won the night on Election Day, and he ultimately felt that America had “turned on him.” – READ MORE

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