Ratings For Biden’s Address To Congress Are In, And They’re Horrendous


President Joe Biden’s ratings for his first address to a joint session of Congress are stunningly low.

The 78-year-old drew a dismal 22.6 million viewers across seven major networks, according to a report from Deadline, citing networks’ “near final” numbers.

The outlet emphasized that the low ratings come out to a 47% drop relative to former President Donald Trump’s first joint session address:

Joe Biden’s first address to a joint session of Congress drew 22.6 million viewers across seven major networks. That’s a drop of 47% from 43 million or so who tuned in to Donald Trump’s first speech to a joint session, on February. 28, 2017, across those seven networks.

Deadline further outlined the breakdown across the major networks:

According to fast national numbers from Nielsen, ABC topped coverage with 4.03 million, followed by MSNBC with 3.94 million, NBC with 3.54 million, CBS with 3.37 million, CNN with 3.18 million, Fox News with 2.92 million and Fox with 1.63 million.

Poor ratings were somewhat expected, even by those on the Left. CNN media critic Brian Stelter, for example, did his best Tuesday to tamp down viewership expectations for Biden’s address, modestly predicting that somewhere around 30 million views would be “realistic” for POTUS, citing “TV ratings erosion.”- READ MORE

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