Putin Drops Bomb on Mueller: Russia Seeks Charges Against Obama-Era U.S. Ambassador & U.S. Intel Agents Allegedly Linked to Browder


The Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia named the names of employees of special services and US officials suspected of involvement in the illegal activities of the founder of the British Hermitage Fund William Browder, reports Interfax . Among them was the former US ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, to whom Russian investigators want to ask a number of questions.

The names of Americans who are interested in the Russian investigation were voiced by the head of the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Alexander Kurennoy. “I will mention some of them: they are employees of the US National Security Agency: Todd Hyman, he signed an oath in the US court, according to Browder, Svetlana Engert took the stolen materials of the criminal case from Russia, Alexander Shvartsman, who was in charge of Browder during his stay in the US , Jim Roht, a CIA agent who in fact was and is the financial manager of Browder, Robert Otto, until January 2017, the Deputy Chief of the US Intelligence Agency, David Kramer.

According to him, among the persons of interest are also “well-known Michael McFaul, former US ambassador to Russia.”

“Under his leadership in 2009-2010, compiled reports to the US State Department from Moscow,” which referred to the progress of the investigation in the Magnitsky case.

Kurennoy also mentioned “those same brothers Ziff – recipients of illegal income, American financiers,” TASS reports. The representative of the Prosecutor General’s Office also called them “long-standing partners in the criminal business of William Browder.”

Asked whether the list was exhaustive, Kurennoy replied: “Of course not.” “There are quite a large number of people who should be questioned with the participation of Russian investigators: they are people from among special services, congressmen, US senators, their assistants, various civil servants,” Kurennoy said. According to him, special services of states can enter this list. “For example, we would very much like to talk with Christopher Still.” Also not an unknown person is an agent of the British Mi-6, for a long period of time he had contacts with a group of lobbyists of the Magnitsky Act, and interestingly, it was through this person that an investigation was initiated by the special prosecutor Miiller who everyone is known under the name “Trump file”, – added the head of the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Alexander Kurennoy.

Recall, on Monday at a press conference in Helsinki, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russian law enforcement officers can interrogate accused of interfering in US elections at the request of the United States and send a response to Washington. At the same time, he added, the Russian side in that case would expect from the American “that they interrogate those representatives of the US special services whom Moscow suspects of illegal actions on the territory of the Russian Federation, in the presence of Russian investigators.”

Vladimir Putin mentioned the so-called case of Hermitage Capital, a fund headed by financier William Browder, convicted in Russia of fraud.

“According to our investigation, Mr. Browder and his business partners earned more than $ 1.5 billion illegally, neither in Russia nor in the US, they paid the money, and $ 400 million was sent to Mrs. Clinton’s election campaign. These are official data, which are present in their reports, “the head of the Russian Federation noted.

According to him, “perhaps it was done legally, but the money was received illegally.” “We have reason to believe that some US intelligence officials accompanied these transactions illegally,” Putin said.


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