LiveMe deletes 600k accounts after FOX reveals pedophiles use app to sexually exploit kids (WARNING GRAPHIC )


It’s been two months since a FOX 11 investigation first exposed the dangers of the popular livestreaming app LiveMe, and despite the company’s assurances that changes are being made, experts say it’s simply not enough.

There are so many underage children using the app, that LiveMe tells FOX 11 they’ve deleted 600,000 accounts of kids under the age of thirteen in just the last 60 days since FOX 11 first aired the report.
FOX 11’s previous story was seen by millions across the country, and revealed that pedophiles regularly use the app to exploit young children sexually.

The original report can be seen here.

As FOX 11 has reported, LiveMe has been downloaded more than 90 million times. It shares the user’s location, and allows users to search for who is streaming near them. FOX 11 found countless streams of underage girls who were being solicited by pedophiles to perform sexual tasks.

Some of the girls sook off their clothes, others danced sexually.

All while, in many cases, older men wrote perverted comments to them.

FOX 11 found some of the streams were recorded and then posted on porn sites, where customers were directed straight to live streams or web captures of underage girls on LiveMe, with the links advertising that the girls are ‘young jailbait’ who were secretly recorded without their knowledge.

After FOX 11’s story aired, new disclaimers began appearing on LiveMe’s videos which said that violent and sexual content will not be tolerated, and violators will be banned.

The company told FOX 11 they’ve been enlisting the help of vetted volunteers to help report bad conduct on the app, and that they’ve been cracking down on users who lie about their age.

The minimum age required to use the app is 13.

Now, FOX 11 has obtained video showing the moment a young girl is confronted by her mother, and law enforcement, after she took off her clothes and exposed herself at the request of perverts during a LiveMe stream.

The girl had livestreamed herself out to thousands as she exposed herself in a closet with a close friend, at the request of pedophiles.

Chat logs show the pedophiles ordered the girl to pull her top up, and perform a sexual act on her friend. They also told her to take off her pants and show her private parts.

Police were alerted to the livestream by a group called Sheepdog Bloodhound. It’s ‘a group of a volunteers from around the world who monitor LiveMe in an effort to try to report and prevent child exploitation.


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