‘Politically Inspired Stupidity’: Former WH Drug Czar Slams Claims That Wall Won’t Stop Drug Influx


A former director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy blasted claims Sunday that a border wall wouldn’t stop the flow of drugs entering the United States.

John Walters, who served as the “Drug Czar” under former President George W. Bush, said on Fox & Friends that it’s a “stupid analysis” to claim drugs will enter the country through legal ports even if a border wall is constructed.

“The problem is we have 2,000 miles of border, and we have too many people on guard duty and not enough people screening at the points of entry,” he said.

Walters said a wall like one President Trump has proposed would channel the flow of drugs at the border into fixed areas, so that agents could screen and stop them.

“It’s kind of silly, I guess it’s kind of politically inspired stupidity, but it’s ludicrous to say that the wall won’t allow us to focus our manpower on the places where we can control and search,” he said.

He advocated for more intense drug screening at ports of entry, adding that there are laws that allow agents to stop vehicles after the port. – READ MORE

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