Pilots in two separate planes report seeing the same UFO over Arizona


On February 24th, two pilots reported seeing the same bizarre object in the sky above their heads and nobody, including the FAA, has any idea what it was. The audio recording of the banter between the pilots and their air traffic controller reveals just how strange the sightings were, and it’s clear the pilots had no idea what it was they were seeing.

The audio of the conversations, first reported by The Drive, begins with the pilot of a Learjet owned by Phoenix Air radioing in to the air traffic control center to ask if another plane had passed over the top of them a few seconds earlier.

“Negative,” the controller responds, prompting another pilot to chime in “a UFO,” to which the pilot of the Learjet offers a lighthearted “yeah.”

The controller than contacts another pilot, this time on an American Airlines flight headed over the same area that the strange sighting was reported. The controller asks the pilot to radio in if they see anything pass over them over the next few miles of their flight.

“Yeah, something just passed over us, like a… I don’t know what it was,” the American pilot says. “But it was at least two, three thousand feet above us. Yeah, it passed right over the top of us.”  – READ MORE

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