Pete Buttigieg Argues for End of Electoral College After Iowa ‘Victory’ Without Popular Vote


Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D) argued that the popular vote should take precedence in a presidential election, just after he lost the popular vote to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in Iowa.

“I think that the Electoral College has run its course and in the future, we ought to pick our presidents in a way that makes sure that the one who got the most votes actually gets to be president,” Buttigieg said in a CNN town hall on Thursday.

Buttigieg won the Iowa caucuses with 564 state delegate equivalents, while Sanders only won 562.

But Sanders won the popular vote, with a 6,114 vote lead in the first vote and a 2,631 vote lead in the second vote.

Since first announcing his campaign for president, Buttigieg has joined prominent Democrats calling for an end to the electoral college after failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lost to President Donald Trump in 2016. – READ MORE

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