Pennsylvania Trump Voters Show Passion: ‘He’s a Man that Wants to Do It All for America’ (VIDEO)


CBS’s “This Morning” highlighted the enthusiasm of President Donald Trump’s supporters outside his Tuesday night campaign rally in Erie, PA.

Reporter Tony Dokoupil said, “In our election series “At America’s Crossroads,” we are finding fresh evidence of voter enthusiasm here in in Erie, Pennsylvania. Now you can only vote once in America that is bedrock, but people who plan to cast their ballot for President Trump may be voting with a bit more passion. Pollsters have found that two-thirds of President Trump supporters say they strongly back their candidate compared to just 46 % of Joe Biden’s supporters, who tend to be driven by opposition to the president. To learn what is behind those feelings among Trump supporters, we talked to members of the crowd at Mr. Trump’s rally last night here in Erie.”

An unidentified man at the rally said, “Trump is a real patriot. So am I. So if you don’t like patriotism, you won’t like him. ”- READ MORE

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