NYU Professor Talia Lavin Questions Why Memory of 9/11 Is ‘Sacred’


New York University Professor Talia Lavin sparked a firestorm on Twitter over the weekend when she questioned why the memory is 9/11 is considered “sacred.”

Breitbart News reported in March that New York University had brought on Talia Lavin as a journalism professor after she was fired by the New Yorker following her false claim that a disabled veteran had a Nazi tattoo.

Over the weekend, Lavin found herself back in the news after she questioned why the memory of 9/11 is “sacred.”

Lavin followed the initial tweet with a clarification, arguing that 9/11 couldn’t be “sacred” because it was not a religious incident.  “I meant this as a genuine question. it was indisputably tragic, world-changing, evil and despicable, and a turning point of history. but “sacred” is a particular word with its own religious meanings, and i wanted to pinpoint what it means to call such a day “sacred” specifically,” she wrote. – READ MORE

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