Number Of ‘Family Arrivals’ At The U.S.-Mexico Border SURGES In August


A record-breaking number of “family units” arrived at the United States’s southern border with Mexico in August, local news reports — a surge the Trump administration is blaming on forced changes to its “zero tolerance” immigration policies.

“More than 16,000” “family units” were apprehended last month crossing the border illegally, a “dramatic increase” from July, and some of the biggest numbers ever, according to the United States Customs and Border Patrol. “Family units” made up at least one third of all apprehended border-crossers in August.

The change, the Border Patrol says, is a direct result of changes to the Trump Administration’s policy of “zero tolerance” on illegal immigration. “Family units” who declare amnesty are now allowed to stay together in anticipation of an amnesty hearing, but thanks to an Obama-era judicial decision, can’t be held more than three weeks in Federal custody, even together.. – READ MORE


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