Newsom Says Californians ‘Have A Responsibility To Accommodate’ Homeless People From Other States


California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom on Monday signed what his office described as “the largest funding and reform package for housing and homelessness” in the state’s history, directing $12 billion over two years into services focusing on “behavioral health housing and solutions to tent encampments.”

ABC 7 reported, “The governor was in Sonoma County Monday addressing the homelessness crisis and was asked whether all the money the state is spending could be a magnet for the unhoused to come to California.”

Newsom answered: “To the extent people want to come here for new beginnings and all income levels, that’s part of the California dream and we have a responsibility to accommodate and enliven and inspire and the California dream is still alive and well.”

The comments come less than two months before Newsom faces a recall election on September 14, when a list of about 40 candidates will be vying to replace him. Republican opponent Kevin Faulconer, the former mayor of San Diego, quickly responded to Newsom’s remarks on social media.

“This is crazy,” Faulconer tweeted. “I have incredible compassion for homeless Californians. But no, we should not be encouraging homeless people from other parts of the country to move to California.” – READ MORE

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