New Southern Border Wall Stops 90% of Illegal Crossings


President Donald Trump’s new border wall stops 90% of illegal border crossings, as opposed to the 10% that the previous fencing stopped.

Around 131 miles of new border wall has been completed, with another 208 miles under construction, and 414 miles in a pre-construction stage. Chief Rodney Scott of US Border Patrol, said the new border “wall system” was 90% effective against stopping illegal crossings, an increase of 80% from before, where only broken fencing was in place.

“It changes everything,” said Scott, adding that “there is a huge return on investment.”

Deputy Chief Raul Ortiz agreed, saying that the system will have a “huge impact” on illegal border crossings. The wall is especially effective at stopping mass crossings in vehicles, as to remove various sections of the wall big enough to get them through takes far too much time and effort for it to be worthwhile for criminal gangs to bother.

“The border wall system all but stopped that completely,” Scott said. – READ MORE

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